Special Events through the School Year

Throughout the year the King’s Kids staff adds a little excitement to the everyday routine of King’s Kids life.

“Electronic Day”. Once a month we have a day when students are allowed to bring MP3 players or handheld games to use while at King’s Kids.

 Pancake Breakfast! A few times during the year we will have a pancake breakfast. This is an opportunity for students to make their own pancakes before going to school.

PARTIES! We often follow Tallmadge Schools’ Party schedule. Many students enjoy our parties just as much as they do their classroom parties!

Monthly Birthday Celebration! Once a month we celebrate everyone’s’ birthday that month with a special snack. It could be ANYTHING; pizza, ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, or something special!

On the last day of school King’s Kids Staff spends HOURS filling up water balloons for the BIGGEST WATER BALLOON FIGHT EVER! Once all the students have arrived and changed into wet gear the parking lot is blocked off and the water balloons start flying! This is the most anticipated event of the school year.